Upland Spotlight Series NFTs

Upland Spotlight Series

Upland Uncovered and Upland Comics have partnered to bring you the Upland Spotlight Series of articles and digital collectibles.  Each NFT commemorates an article written for an Upland Neighborhood or Business.  These NFTs share a common theme but have special details specific to each collectible.


The collection is split into Series, Volumes and Issues just as real world periodicals would be organized.  The series also comes in two rarities, common and rare.

    Series - The series denotes the individual themes of the published articles.

        Series 1 - Neighborhood Spotlight

        Series 2 - Business Spotlight

    Volumes - Each series will have volumes.  A volume is comprised of 12 individual issues.

    Issues - Each issue relates to a specific neighborhood or business.  

    Rarity - The series is currently published with one rarity, future additional rarities are planned.

        Common - A static NFT with a still image. (Maximum 100)

Individual issues are available on Atomic Hub.  You can pick them up from our primary sales drops, the secondary markets, or bid for them at auction. Our drops are done in both WAX and DUST.

    Primary Sales - Issues are available through WAX and DUST drops.  Get through our drop link.

    Secondary Sales - Issues are also available as resales on the market.  Get though our market link.

    Auctions - Issues, including low mints, can be found at this auction link.


By combining all the issues with matching rarities in a volume, you will have built a complete collection.  Each of those full collections will be shown on a collection card.  The collection cards can be used as a checklist to collect all the cards needed to complete the collection.  

The neighborhoods and businesses will both have common issue cards.  This relative exclusivity will also translate into the collection cards.  There will be a limited number of collection cards and they will be much more exclusive than the issue cards.

The collection cards will initially only be available in Epic rarity.  There will be a total of 10 Epic collection cards for each of the business and neighborhood spotlights.

Custom Collector Spotlight

By completing one of the collections above, and also having the collection card for that collection, you will have earned the right to a personalized custom collector spotlight.  This will be a custom 1 of 1 NFT issued directly to the collector.  

The custom collector spotlight will resemble the spotlight issue cards in general presentation, but it will have your name and personal block explorer or other artwork of your choosing.  There will also be custom text on the card to denote which collection you completed.  Artwork and naming are subject to review and approval of creator to avoid NSFW subject matter.

To receive your custom collector spotlight you must match the correct issue and collection cards.

Common issue cards will match with Epic collection cards. 

Once issue cards and a collection card are used to build a custom collector spotlight, those cards cannot be used again for any future custom collector spotlight.  You will surrender your issue cards and collection card to be burned to collect your custom collector spotlight.  Your collection card image will be included as a back image on your custom collector spotlight.  This way you retain the collection card image as it becomes part of your custom collector card.


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