Upland Business Directory

Uplands Premier Business Directory

Upland Fan Art
Contact: Thankmelater (Discord)
Links: Webpage

Bars & Pubs
Would you believe?
Contact: Draken93|Jan#6522 (Discord)
Address: 388 11th Ave, San Francisco, CA

Upland Comics Cafe
Contact: Recourier (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Hyprr)

Data Services
Daily Uplander
Contact: MXZTPLK(Discord), noice2meetYa (Discord), Noxx(Discord)
Links: Webpage

Upland World
Contact: Hacker (Discord)
Links: Webpage

Design Services
I Stock House Plans - Bringing real world builds to your Metaverse.
Contact: Dag#4169 (Discord)
Links: Webpage

O.G. SignWorks
Contact: MarsUtah (Discord, Telegram)
Address: 120 Upper Terrace, San Francisco, CA (Mount Olympus)
Address: 1025 Tennessee St, San Francisco, CA (Dogpatch)
Links: Discord Server

News & Communication
Upland Uncovered
Contact: Recourier (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Hyprr)
Links: Blog, Webpage

NFT Galleries
JJ Galleries
Contact: JimJuice (Discord)

Upland Comics & Collectibles
Contact: Recourier (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Hyprr)

Yerba Buena - Upland's Good Herb Nursery
Contact: Bibing (Discord)

Upland Property Trading Limited
Contact: Flow 09 (Discord)

Social Media
Upland Asia 高地地主
Contact: Oonster (Discord)
Address: 2742 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA

UCN Channels
A Journey in Upland
Contact: Niki
Links: Blog

The Upland Action News
Contact: Lefthouse (Discord), JimJuice (Discord)
Links: YouTube

The UPX Podcast
Contact: 2Stupid2Win (Discord)
Links: Whooshka

The Turbo
Contact: TheTurbo (Discord)
Links: Website

Upland Central
Contact: junjunpnoy57 (Discord, Telegram), zhidalgokidz(Discord, Telegram)

Upland Cheapskate
Contact: BDag (Discord)
Links: Blog

Upland Data
Contact: EmGi
Links: YouTube

Upland Guru
Contact: ThankMeLater (Discord)
Links: Webpage

Upland Uncovered
Contact: Recourier (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Hyprr)
Links: Blog, Webpage

Upland Community Managers
Llama Herding Services
Contact: X1TheGamer | upland.me (Discord), Hagan | upland.me (Discord)
Address: City Hall, San Francisco, CA


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