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Fresno: The unlikely capital of business transactions (And what to look for in a flip as a beginner)

  Fresno is a great city for beginners. All of those FSA properties are ready to be eaten up at prices that are below 1,000 UPX. Why would I reference the 1,000 UPX mark you ask? From my experience Fresno properties don’t sell for under 1,000 UPX and typically sell for around 1,050 UPX. These FSA properties are an amazing introduction to flipping in Upland because, despite small margins after fees, these properties sell relatively quickly at the 1,050 mark due to the fact that people love to use them as transactions for various things. For example the Upland SF REIT will buy Fresno properties around the 1,000 UPX mark when we are selling shares because it allows us to sell without marking up the buyer in fees. Flipping FSAs in Fresno is grunt work, but it’s grunt work that can bring you from visitor to uplander status relatively quickly or just provide some extra UPX for more enjoyable properties, while also helping out the metaverse economy.  With these transactions Fresno has turned