Potrero Hill Halloween

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Potrero Hill and Upland Comics has some exciting plans lined up for all you Uplanders this Halloween.  It's a Halloween Property Makeover.  Now we know that the Upland team beat us to the punch, but we have some good news.  This is a makeover than doesn't require any 3D modeling skills.
The idea is simple, you pick any property that you own and give it a Halloween makeover.  Your options are fairly limitless, you just need to start with a good front view of the house and decorate it any way you like!  What can you use, well, whatever!  If photoshop is your thing have at it, if you prefer paint that's cool too.  If you want to print it out and draw by hand on top of it, that's also totally cool.  Heck, if you want to book a flight to San Francisco and decorate the actual house while the owners away....well....I mean we can't actually recommend you do that, but we won't bounce your submission.  The only thing you can't do is submit a…

NYC Uncovered

Upland Uncovered is excited to announce that it's team is growing!  We are ecstatic to let everyone know that we now have a New York correspondent.   TDavis has joined Upland Uncovered to be our man on the ground in NYC. 
TDavis will be covering all things NYC.  Expect to hear event announcements, Manhattan news, and all the things you want to know about the city that never sleeps.  We are excited to find out everything that NYC has to offer and will be working with TDavis to set up our NYC branch in none other than Little Italy! 

As with San Francisco, we will be setting up and office where you can come in and talk anything Upland.  It will be a central place to meet and talk.  We will also have some select NYC inspired NFTs in the office.
I want to thank TDavis for his never ending support of the Upland Community and we are excited to open this new chapter together!

If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to join up and get a 50% bonus on your first purc…

The Battle of Buena Vista

Are you ready to rumble?  You got your fighting gloves on?  Do you have what it takes?  If the answer to all three are yes, then you are ready to enter the ring in the Battle of Buena Vista!  Mars Utah, the defacto mayor of Buena Vista and king of Mount Olympus and thrown down the gauntlet and kicked off a royal rumble not yet seen in the Upland Metaverse.  This battle will run for 2 weeks or until properties sell out, whatever comes first.  So, as with any truly epic throwdown, to the winner goes the spoils.  What are those spoils you ask?  Truly epic NFTs from the Red Planet Arts collection.  For all the details check out the event flyer right here.

All you have to do is purchase a property in the Buena Vista neighborhood to have a chance at some very cool NFTs.  But if being an also entered is not your style, then step and and get 10 properties to qualify for a Fan Art Ultra NFT.  Even more baller, those who purchase 25 or more properties will receive a Red Plant Records NFT after l…

Neighborhood Spotlight - Little Italy

After a harrowing flight to NYC, which cost more than several of my properties, I was finally able to sit down with the man...the myth...the legend, that is TDavis.  Now, I am not sure you know, but TDavis has what I might call a bit of an affinity for a certain Manhattan neighborhood.  I wanted to hear all about what has gotten him so excited for this gem of a spot on the island, and couldn't wait to dig in.  So T, can I call you T?  Maybe, Mr. Davis, is that better?  I, man this isn't starting well.  Ok, so reset.  So, TDavis, does your name have any history behind it?Yes. Having a unique first name (at least it was growing up), I have never had to be referred to by first & last name, or first dot last initial until I started working for a large corporation. One of my peers was also named 'Trent', and another had the same last name of 'Davis'. We had to clearly define who was being referred to in our group Skype messaging, and after months of trial and er…

Business Spotlight - Yerba Buena

Welcome back to another addition of Business Spotlight.  I had the good luck to spark up a conversation with Bibing about some future business plans in Upland.  It was a very enlightening conversation to say the least.  We wasted no time diving right into the details.  Man what a trip.  Let's get this party started.
So Bibing, tell me is there a story behind the explorer name?Can't remember exactly, but it may be because I liked the word imbibe.
Yup, that checks out.  Pretty cool idea, I like it.  So tell me what's the name of your business? Good Herb Nursery's a.....Nursery
Got it, a nursery.  Cool cool cool.  So how did you end up deciding to start up this nursery?I found 420 Yerba Buena when looking at props on Upland dr on the secondary. Yerba Buena is Spanish for Good Herb @ThankMeLater. Also the bonus of the number 420 being associated with weed culture and herb often slang for weed. It was a match made in heaven, to top it off the development and bus…

Neighborhood Spotlight - Little Hollywood

I had the very good fortune to be able to sit down with JimJuice to talk about the up and coming Little Hollywood neighborhood in Upland.  JimJuice is a very busy man with his work preparing to develop the neighborhood, working on his photography, running air travel terminals and all the other things that keep us Uplanders busy.  So let's get into it.  JimJuice, that's an interesting name, what is the backstory on that?It used to be one of my gamer names for 1st person shooters. In Chicago the term "juice" can mean to "off" them, "ice" them, or straight murdalize them. And Jim just paired well with it.Oh, wow.  Remind me to not get on your bad sad.  Haha.  Actually I gotta let the readers in on a secret, I have had the great pleasure of getting to know JimJuice and he is a genuine and lovely person.  So tell me a little about how you settled on Little Hollywood to be a focus neighborhood for you in Upland?Shape first: it looks like a triangle. Siz…

Little Italy Hosts Feast of San Gennaro

Following up the wildly popular bi-coastal Little Italy community event put on by Uplander TDavis, he is at it again with another Little Italy event.  It's clear why he is the unofficial mayor of Little Italy.  There is obviously a love of the neighborhood that nobody can deny.TDavis was gracious enough to talk with me again about his upcoming event and I got all the details.  This event is focused on the NY crowd and will be for anyone that is a fan of Little Italy.  Taking the metaverse message to heart he is hosting the Feast of San Gennaro, and just like the real life feast he is including the whole neighborhood with a big focus on Mulberry St.  So if you are in NY, get yourself down to Mulberry and get in on the festival.  If you are out of town but are a huge NFT lover, you are going to have to make the tough decision if you are going to make the flight over to pick one up.  Maybe you were going to head to NY soon to do a little shopping anyway and this is just the excuse yo…

Upland Uncovered Embraces the Metaverse

For Upland Uncovered one of the most exciting things about Upland has been it's intention to blur the lines between the real world and the Upland Metaverse.  Upland wants to create a place where you don't have to exist in one world or another, but where the line between the two become almost indistinguishable.  This presents an exciting opportunity for connection with community through a variety of mediums.  You can connect in the Metaverse, on Discord, on Telegram, through Twitter, Youtube, Hyprr and any other medium that is available.Upland Uncovered has decided to embrace the idea of the metaverse.  Exist and produce work within both the Upland Metaverse and the real world.  The first step to doing this is to pick a location for our offices in Upland.  We are proud to have selected 821 Fillmore Street in Alamo Square for our home office.In addition to having an office location in Upland, we want to engage and support the community in which we will be working each day.  We w…

Little Italy Giveaway

Hey all you Uplanders, another week and another great community event.  I got the chance to sit down with TDavis and talk about his event which will be a first of it's kind.  A bi-coastal give away that you can participate in from either SF or NYC. Keep reading below to hear all the details.
Attenzione, Uplanders!
To celebrate the opening of NYC in Upland, and to commemorate this important date in New York history, I will be releasing the first of my Little Italy series NFTs today, Friday, September 11th, 2020. In the spirit of kindness and unity, the "Welcome to Little Italy" gold series NFTs will be gifted to a few lucky recipients via raffle. This is the first NFT of the series and my debut artwork for both the UplandFanArt (UFA) label, and NFTs in general. Each NFT is also backed with 100 WAXP to give it some added intrinsic value.  If NFTs aren't your thing (you're fugazi, getouddahere), I will also be awarding one lucky recipient with the opportunity to join t…

Blockchain Heroes + GPK Giveaway

Upland Uncovered is running a giveaway and competition for all categories of Uplanders.  This giveaway is designed to engage as many users as possible, even if you are not yet an Uplander you can join Upland with this link.  In addition to getting a 50% bonus on your first UPX purchase, upon becoming an Uplander you will be eligible to take part in the giveaway, and win, a large collection of prizes including GPK, Blockchain Heroes, Upland property and UPX. All new players that specifically join with this link and reach Uplander status by the end of the competition automatically win joining bonuses.  Not only the 50% UPX purchase bonus, but also NFT giveaways exclusive to new players.  You will also be eligible for all other prizes if you choose to compete.There are also tons of prizes for Uplanders of all level, with exclusive, Uplander, Pro and Director categories.  There is also a free for all category in which anyone can compete.  As each category graduates higher, anyone that was…