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BEN68 Halloween Events

  BEN68 Haunted Halloween Competitions Uplander Ben68 is putting on a series of exciting and interesting competitions for Halloween.  Not only does he have a house on the spooky video tour he also has a writing contest.  Collect those sends up, and get your creative juices flowing for that story writing.  All the details are below and you have options of which contests you enter.  So pick your favorite or jump into both. Haunted House Raffle - Enter to win an exclusive position in the upcoming FIAT out BETA, as well as UPX prizes in two haunted house raffles. - Every player who visits the haunted house at 935 Hayes Street in Alamo Square and views the attached video experience will go into the running for one of two potential prizes in the Haunted House Raffle.  You prize will be determined based on your Upland Status.  Visitor fee will be 100UPX. All fees go towards the prizes. - The more times you visit until the close of the community haunted houses experiences (Nov 1st at 6am PT),

Halloween Haunted House Tour

  Upland Halloween Haunted House Tour For all you Uplanders out there that don't want to miss out on any of the Haunted Houses in Upland, I wanted to publish the full list.  Make your way to all of these houses to see the great collections of buildings and spooky videos.  Only haunted houses with haunted experiences attached to them will have pins on the map.  So to make sure you see them all use this as your checklist. 2215 REVERE AVENUE 935 HAYES STREET 140 BRUSSELS STREET 416 PLYMOUTH AVENUE 2541 VALLEJO STREET\ 1230 CLAY STREET\ 2092 03RD ST\ 1095 INDIANA STREET 2742 FOLSOM STREET 2517 BROADWAY 2090 JACKSON STREET 1 CHRISTMAS TREE POINT RD 2130 3RD STREET 1/10 San Francisco Train Terminal 2/10 San Francisco Train Terminal 3/10 San Francisco Train Terminal 4/10 San Francisco Train Terminal For more info on all the events happening in the Upland Halloween week, check out the official Upland blog post here . If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to

Potrero Hill Halloween

  (Join the Upland Metaverse) Potrero Hill and Upland Comics has some exciting plans lined up for all you Uplanders this Halloween.  It's a Halloween Property Makeover.  Now we know that the Upland team beat us to the punch, but we have some good news.  This is a makeover than doesn't require any 3D modeling skills. The idea is simple, you pick any property that you own and give it a Halloween makeover.  Your options are fairly limitless, you just need to start with a good front view of the house and decorate it any way you like!  What can you use, well, whatever!  If photoshop is your thing have at it, if you prefer paint that's cool too.  If you want to print it out and draw by hand on top of it, that's also totally cool.  Heck, if you want to book a flight to San Francisco and decorate the actual house while the owners away....well....I mean we can't actually recommend you do that, but we won't bounce your submission.  The only thing you can't do is submi

NYC Uncovered

  Upland Uncovered is excited to announce that it's team is growing!  We are ecstatic to let everyone know that we now have a New York correspondent.   TDavis has joined Upland Uncovered to be our man on the ground in NYC.  TDavis will be covering all things NYC.  Expect to hear event announcements, Manhattan news, and all the things you want to know about the city that never sleeps.  We are excited to find out everything that NYC has to offer and will be working with TDavis to set up our NYC branch in none other than Little Italy!  As with San Francisco, we will be setting up and office where you can come in and talk anything Upland.  It will be a central place to meet and talk.  We will also have some select NYC inspired NFTs in the office. I want to thank TDavis for his never ending support of the Upland Community and we are excited to open this new chapter together! If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to join up and get a 50% bonus on your firs

The Battle of Buena Vista

  Are you ready to rumble?  You got your fighting gloves on?  Do you have what it takes?  If the answer to all three are yes, then you are ready to enter the ring in the Battle of Buena Vista!   Mars Utah, the defacto mayor of Buena Vista and king of Mount Olympus and thrown down the gauntlet and kicked off a royal rumble not yet seen in the Upland Metaverse.  This battle will run for 2 weeks or until properties sell out, whatever comes first.   So, as with any truly epic throwdown, to the winner goes the spoils.  What are those spoils you ask?  Truly epic NFTs from the Red Planet Arts collection .  For all the details check out the event flyer right here. All you have to do is purchase a property in the Buena Vista neighborhood to have a chance at some very cool NFTs.  But if being an also entered is not your style, then step and and get 10 properties to qualify for a Fan Art Ultra NFT.  Even more baller, those who purchase 25 or more properties will receive a Red Plant Records NFT af

Neighborhood Spotlight - Little Italy

  After a harrowing flight to NYC, which cost more than several of my properties, I was finally able to sit down with the man...the myth...the legend, that is TDavis.  Now, I am not sure you know, but TDavis has what I might call a bit of an affinity for a certain Manhattan neighborhood.  I wanted to hear all about what has gotten him so excited for this gem of a spot on the island, and couldn't wait to dig in.   So T, can I call you T?  Maybe, Mr. Davis, is that better?  I, man this isn't starting well.  Ok, so reset.  So, TDavis, does your name have any history behind it? Yes. Having a unique first name (at least it was growing up), I have never had to be referred to by first & last name, or first dot last initial until I started working for a large corporation. One of my peers was also named 'Trent', and another had the same last name of 'Davis'. We had to clearly define who was being referred to in our group Skype messaging, and after months of trial and