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Upland NFT Mining

What is Upland NFT Mining? Upland Comics & Collectibles  is excited to partner with CryptomonKeys and MetaForce Comics to bring NFT mining to Upland.  But what exactly does that mean?  Is this a game mechanic produced by the Upland team?  No, this is not provided by Upland, but you do need to be in the Upland game to participate.  Upland has not at any time promised NFT giveaways or direct peer to peer gifting in app and it doesn't appear anywhere on their roadmap.  As they have an exciting and ever growing set of future mechanics available though, it very well may be a possibility.  But, until such time that they do, Upland Comics has decided to go for it themselves. The idea initially has been tested by the Cryptomon K eys team in Alien Worlds .  Though Alien Worlds does have a plan to provide in game NFT distribution by individual land owners, that function isn't just ready.  So Cryptomon K eys has been doing it manually, check out their monKeymining page for more det