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Thoughts on Sparklet

 Here is a no frills, no formatting brain dump on the spark/sparklet announcement. I want to start this post by saying I am FOR the end goal of making Spark more accessible and liquid.   I am also FOR the end goal of making Spark and thus Upland more visible to the broader crypto market.   I think those are both good and healthy things. From a governance standpoint I will admit I am bummed that Upland framed this as a yes or no for this particular plan. The planning might have gone too far before getting input.   As such many in the community have a split opinion because they like the targets, they just have issues with the trajectory.   Hopefully the reddit feedback is taken to heart and potentially the voting can be parsed out to be a little more granular. I will say I have taken the time to read the whitepaper, watch the video that was posted with it, and listen to the UPX podcast.   While listening to the podcast is really where my concerns rose. I have been on several crypto t