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Shafter: The Purple with Potential

My investment strategy rarely involves purchasing secondary market properties for 80,000 UPX. An ideal investment for me is a fresh mint on a new neighborhood with collection potential. In most cases I stray from the secondary market if I can. I made an exception for the floor properties in Shafter...    Low markup for the city The markup in Shafter is proof the properties are undervalued. If you look at Temescal (An Oakland purple collection) you will see that the floor price is lower than Shafter, but the markup on floor price properties is often in the 1000s of per cent. Shafter floor price markup is between 300 and 600% at the time of writing, not to mention the collection gives you 1,000 more bonus UPX and +0.10 more of a collection multiplier.  Neighborhood size Shafter is the perfect size for some ambitious new Fiat in CE to make a purple node. This is entirely speculation, but if there was going to be a collection node or at least an attempt to take a large portion of a collec