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Upland Uncovered is member of the Upland Contributor Network (UCN).  As a UCN member Upland Uncovered provides a blog to help inform Uplanders on the most recent news and events of the Upland world.  We also provide tips and tutorials for new players as well as information about the various resources in Upland to help them get the most out of their Upland experience.

Upland Uncovered has multiple series of articles.  It's two biggest products are the Neighborhood Spotlight and Business Spotlight series.  These series take a deep dive into the Upland Neighborhoods and the businesses that serve them.  We get to know what makes them all run.

Upland Uncovered also provides social media promotion of Upland on Twitter and Hyprr to help inform the world about what's going on in the Upland Metaverse.  We also use those platforms to link to our Spotlight series as well as other articles.  Being part of the UCN also allows us to promote on the platforms of other UCN broadcasters.

The Upland Metaverse

One of the largest messages of the Upland Metaverse is that it blurs the lines between the real world and the Upland world.  For true Uplanders you don't exist in one or the other but both.  Upland Uncovered takes this message to heart and is also building it's presence in the Upland Metaverse.

Metaverse Services

Upland Uncovered is a blurring the lines between worlds by using the real world to work in the Upland world and by bringing parts of Upland out to the real world.  As such we want to help Uplanders bridge that gap as well.  We offer a number of services to help with that.

Upland Uncovered is always looking for news of the Upland world.  Please reach out to us to discuss being part of the Spotlight series, if you have something to report about the Metaverse or you have something interesting you want to share.  

Business Listings
Upland Uncovered maintains a business listing for Upland Businesses.  We want you to reach out to us and we will add you to our Upland Yellow Pages webpage.  This is a place where Uplanders will come to find the businesses they need, whether it be real estate, nursery, entertainment, arts, or whatever you may need.

Event Promotions
Upland Uncovered will work with you to help promote your event in Upland and in the real world.  We will use our connections to coordinate and promote your events and drive engagement in the Metaverse.  We will be able to use our social media platforms to connect you with Uplanders in the real world and bring attention to your Upland event.

Business Development & Marketing
Upland Uncovered wants to work with you to help with your business development and marketing goals.  We want to help your business thrive and give you access to the tools needed to be a one of the most competitive and profitable businesses in the Upland Metaverse.  We will use our Metaverse and real world media channels to help grow your business.  We can also help you work with our partner company Upland Comics to develop your branding and build you logos and for use in the Metaverse and in real life.  Upland Comics can even help you mint NFTs for use in real life or in Upland.  Use this form to apply.


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Please reach out and we would love to help you with all your Metaverse needs. If you are not yet in the Upland Metaverse the click right here and check it out.  If you decide to join and use that link you will receive a 50% bonus on your first UPX purchase.


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