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The metaverse of Upland is redefining what it means to play to earn with its revolutionary ability to extract value from blockchain assets back to the real world. Check out this unbiased review: 

    “Upland only has the best community in all of gaming, crypto, Discord, the internet in general, but... nothing really to brag about” 


To celebrate the arrival of fiat out for 100 players and to demonstrate the value and impact this can bring to the real world the Manhattan 1/2s organization is hosting its first ever community event, the Play. Give. Connect. campaign. This community event is a fundraiser seeking to raise $1,000 USD through Upland for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 10 days between January 27th and February 6th 2021.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital founder Danny Thomas once said that “no child should die in the dawn of life”.  The reason the Manhattan 1/2s is aligning with St Jude is that this hospital is where research meets treatment to ensure that patients are cared for today and that outcomes are improved for tomorrow. At St Jude patients are treated without consideration of the patient's ability to pay. 

How to Participate

There are 5 ways to participate in the Play. Give. Connect. campaign:
  1. In game though Upland fiat-out property sales/ donations.
  2. Through a number of NFT sales and auctions on the WAX blockchain.
  3. Through some very special auctions on the Official Upland Discord.
  4. Directly to the Saint Jude’s campaign here.
  5. Through an apparel sale here.

Play. Give. Connect.

Fiat-Out property sales offers the primary way to participate in the Play. Give. Connect. campaign utilizing the Upland Fiat-Out beta program. For next 2 weeks StersMerlin will list fiat-out properties for the Play. Give. Connect. Fresno Blocks shown below. 100% of all proceeds received on the sales from the fiat-out sales will go to the St. Jude’s campaign here. I will be posting about our progress as the event continues. The Play. Give. Connect. Campaign simultaneously empowers Upland to collect data on fiat-out sales while helping children and families with cancer through treatment and research.

Upland property fiat-out donations are divided into seven tiers described below to help get the entire community involved in supporting families and fighting cancer. This event has a custom designed Play. Give. Connect. artwork designed by my wife KillerErica to help raise funding for our friends who have been impacted by cancer. Suggested tiers are detailed below but please note that every donation is valuable and please reach out to see how you can contribute:

  1. Send Fees - to 3292 ½ N Weber Ave. Fresno Ca. Common NFT included. StersMerlin will match whatever the final send fees are at the end of the event.                                                                                              
  2. $5 - Collection Optimization using UPX World’s new collection optimization tool. Constant StersMerlin. Common NFT included.
  3. $10 - Play. Give. Connect. DM StersMerlin about setting up a sale of a Fresno Burner. Will include rare NFT. 
  4. $25 - Property in the Play. Give. Connect. Fresno Block (shown below) and rare NFT.
  5. $50 - Participants will receive the Play. Give. Connect. legendary NFT which will feature theirs, and other top tier contributors, Upland usernames. 
  6. $100 a custom Play. Give. Connect. Shirt with Upland username and custom block explorer. Shirts limited to 8 participants. The players username will be included on the back of the distributed Play. Give. Connect. campaign legendary NFT.  Must share a postal address for receipt of shirt. 
  7. $200 a custom Play. Give. Connect. Hoodie with Upland username and custom block explorer, and everything in lower tiers. Limit 4 players. Username included on the Play. Give. Connect. legendary NFT. Must share a postal address for receipt of hoodie. 
Note 100% of the proceeds from fiat-out sales are going to the linked St. Jude’s Campaign and The Manhattan 1/2s will be covering the costs of production and mailing of the higher tier apparel. Finally the Play. Give. Connect. NFT mints will be distributed in order of largest donation with ties broken by the first donor to reach the final donation value. There will be an updated scoreboard through the duration of the campaign. Donations from a single participant are cumulative. 

Play. Give. Connect.

The second way to help contribute to the fundraiser is directly on WAX.  Upland Comics, Red Planet Arts and CryptomonKeys have sponsored the NFTs that are being distributed and sold as part of the fundraiser.  There will be options for every level of contribution.  All WAX earned during the event will go to Sters Merlin who will add these donations to the Upland donations and they will go to St. Judes.  You will be able to contribute in a number of ways including NFT sales and auctions.  You can also contribute by donating NFTs to be auctioned or sold with proceeds going to St. Jude.

  1. NFT sales will be available via drops on Atomic Hub.  There will be both common and rare NFTs sold and you can buy as many or as few as you like to provide the level of donation with which you are comfortable.  Common NFTs will be $1 while rare NFTs will be $10.  
    1. Follow this link to find the drops for common and rare NFTs
    2. Follow this link to join Upland and donate to earn the legendary NFTs. (Legendary NFTs are available EXCLUSIVELY through Upland.)  
  2. NFT auctions of the cancer finger NFT for mints #1-5 are available on Atomic Hub.  This will be the only way to get mints 1-5 of the common and rare NFTs.
    1. Follow this link for common and rare NFT auctions.
  3. NFT auction of CryptomonKeys card #30 The Blue Wizard mint #7.  This card is an epic rarity with a total of only 91 made.  The card was donated by the CryptomonKeys team and has sold on the Wax market for as much as $2,000+.  This is your chance to own a very exclusive low mint card.
    1. Follow this link for The Blue Wizard auction.
  4. NFT sales and auctions of various other NFT works will also go to St. Jude.  Charitable donations were made by Upland Comics and Red Planet Arts.
    1. Follow this link for the auction page for upcogoodwill.


Play. Give. Connect.

The third way to participate is by bidding in the cash auctions taking place on Friday 1/29/21.  The auctions will be held in the  Official Upland Discord.  Auctions will include a variety of Upland land parcels as well as a unique cancer finger NFT.  Some items to expect up for auction include:
  • Various Upland properties in sought after neighborhoods such as Merced Manor, Visitacion Valley and Alamo Square.  These are all well known and sold out neighborhoods.
  • An exclusive special property provided by the Upland team.
  • The one of one exclusive Mythical Galaxy Cancer Finger NFT.  This NFT will be minted especially for the winning bid and will include a custom name and icon especially for the winning bidder.  They can choose their name, and icon or logo that suites them. (Non-copywritten or trademarked, no NSFW content.)

Play. Give. Connect.

The fourth way to participate is directly through the St Jude campaign link. This has the benefit of making sure 100% of your donation reaches the organization (e.g. excluding Tilla 2 x 5%). If you include your WAX address in the donation memo I will include you in the standard NFT distribution. Note this method excludes you from the NFT donation leaderboard.

Play. Give. Connect.

Lastly you can contribute to this campaign through the purchase of custom designed Play. Give. Connect. merchandise. This allows you to get the custom design apparel at a lower donation level with the Cancer finger. Note that this design is standard and will differ from the custom apparel designed specifically for the high tier fiat-out donors. If you purchase one of these make sure to leave your Wax address so I can include you in the standard NFT distribution. Note this method excludes you from the NFT donation leaderboard.

This event seizes the opportunity to extract value back to the real world for a cause and is the first-of-its kind for the Upland metaverse. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to not only help children and their families with cancer but to make Upland History and give cancer the finger. The Play. Give. Connect. campaign is hosted by The Manhattan 1/2s and the team includes Little Italy, Upland Comics, CryptomonKeys, UPX.World, Upland Action News and the UPX.podcast.



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