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It's clear by now that my interests in Upland are driven heavily by the utilization of blockchain in the game.  It's also driven by the fact that they have been able to do that integration in a way that is pretty seamless to the average user.  You can read more about that in this article that I previously wrote. 

The beauty of the blockchain is that it's simply put, data.  For those that know how to use it, data is power.  Blockchain is not only data, but it's a distributed ledger that is widely a available, censorship resistant, and immutable.  What this means in simple terms is it's data that is available to everyone and cannot be easily blocked, obfuscated or hoarded by a central authority.  To be fair, that data when stored on the blockchain is very techy, it's stored in computer code and languages that do need a special set of skills to manipulate.  That's exactly why people build interfaces that present the data in human readable form that's easy to consume.  These interfaces are called block explorers and do the work needed to make the data widely acceptable.  They come in all manners of arrangements and can be formatted in a way to be specifically helpful for certain tasks.

This is where we find Daily Uplander.  This is a site that is currently under construction and is in it's very early stages but will be massively powerful tool to be used in the Upland world.  Some players had been able to access this data previously, but now with a group of Uplanders putting in the time and effort to build out a tool useful to everyone it turns the lights on for all that hidden information.  This information will level the playing field and drive competition in the game.  

I chatted with "noice2meetya" one of the people working on building the site along with "noxx" and "byMXZTPLK".  We discussed the goals for the website and what the future may hold.  noice2meetya had this to say:


Our goal is for it to become an extension of the game. We want it to get to the point where players will have it open while they're playing along with discord.


Where previously you had to painstakingly work through areas of the game, count properties, compare prices, this website makes all that happen for you.  You can search collections and sort by unminted vs owned, UP2, price, markup and a number of other metrics.  You can look up individual players and get information on their net worth and completed collections.  You can even get a token from within Upland and manage your account and sift through the available data on your own properties.  Being in it's infancy the website has plans to grow, improve UI and add more options for search and sort.  According to noice2meetya when asked what's the next stop on the roadmap:



upcoming things... there's this one that all players are wanting to have the neighborhood search that's the next feature that we're working on



Neighborhood search is something I am personally very interested in seeing come to fruition.  I have already enjoyed the sort feature for finding the most competitive prices for my collections.  Next I can look for the best deals as I work towards filling in my neighborhood holdings which one day may spawn their own collections.  A very powerful feature is the ability to sort by markup percentage.  This I feel is going to drive competitive pricing as people are going to really need to think about pricing to sell if they want to unload a property.

Websites don't come for free.  The upstanding Uplanders are putting in not only their time, but also their money to bring this power to the game and the players at large.  Please consider helping them fund the site.  They currently have a paypal link and I was told they will be working on putting up options for crypto donations as well.  

Keep your eyes on their website as it's growing and updating regularly.  I suggest you make your way there before making your next major purchase in Upland.  As new features roll out you won't want to miss them.  If you have something in mind you can find all the website operators on the Official Upland Discord and let them know your thoughts.  You can also email them at dailyuplander@gmail.com.  Also feel free to drop comments here and I will make sure they get passed along.


I hope you find my posts informative, helpful, or amusing.  Whatever the case thanks for your time.

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