Blockchain Heroes + GPK Giveaway


Upland Uncovered is running a giveaway and competition for all categories of Uplanders.  This giveaway is designed to engage as many users as possible, even if you are not yet an Uplander you can join Upland with this link.  In addition to getting a 50% bonus on your first UPX purchase, upon becoming an Uplander you will be eligible to take part in the giveaway, and win, a large collection of prizes including GPK, Blockchain Heroes, Upland property and UPX. 

All new players that specifically join with this link and reach Uplander status by the end of the competition automatically win joining bonuses.  Not only the 50% UPX purchase bonus, but also NFT giveaways exclusive to new players.  You will also be eligible for all other prizes if you choose to compete.

There are also tons of prizes for Uplanders of all level, with exclusive, Uplander, Pro and Director categories.  There is also a free for all category in which anyone can compete.  As each category graduates higher, anyone that was eligible for the lower category can also compete in the higher category.  There will be a total of four categories to provide opportunity and engagement for everyone.

The grand prize will be a a rare property in Upland in a sold out neighborhood, as well as an extremely exclusive collectors edition Upland themed Blockchain Heroes card.  


To see the rules and full prize list check out the competition page at on the Upland Uncovered website.  

To hear the announcement and additional details listen to the 8/28/20 Upland Property Experts Podcast.

The contest results will be announced on the 9/3/20 Upland Action News.  Make sure to tune in to find out who has won.


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