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I am excited to announce the launch of the premier choice in the Upland Real Estate market.  Join me in welcoming Upland Property Trading Limited (UPT Ltd.) to the Upland real estate market.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with Flow09 and talk about his plans for UPT.  He had a lot to say about the newest and most exciting development in digital property trading and I am sure you are just as excited to hear about it as I am to tell you.  So let's get into it and see why UPT is your first choice in Upland Realty.

So what are the plans for UPT, will you be operating just in San Francisco or will you be working out of NY as well?

Of course I will operate in SF and NY.


That's great, will you be heading to NY soon?

Will try to be there when the first bubble opens.


That's really exciting, so you will be a conduit for people to get exposure to NY without having to fly out.  That's great.  Do you know how you are going to handle fees?

I won't have a fixed fee structure. It will always depend on the deal.


That sounds reasonable.  What are your goals for UPT?  Do you have a tag line or moto?

Upland Property Trading Limited (UPT Ltd.). Connecting sellers and buyers!


What can UPT do for buyers?

Help you to fill your Collections. Help you to get into sold out Neighborhoods. Help you to buy properties in other cities.


That's really cool, being able to operate all over the map is great.  What can sellers look forward to with UPT?

Help you to sell your properties fast. Help you to sell your properties without putting them on the market. Help you to complete property swaps.


So are you working already?

Putting together first deals now.


How will people know what properties are available?

I will prepare a link where everyone can see anytime the best deals I have currently available.


What kind of link will it be?

To a google document.


What an exciting announcement.  I want to thank Flow09 for taking the time to answer my questions.  I can't wait to see him rolling in NY and SF.  If you want more information or would like to strike up a deal with UPT Ltd. get a hold of Flow09 on Discord in his DMs.  


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