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I had the very good fortune to be able to sit down with JimJuice to talk about the up and coming Little Hollywood neighborhood in Upland.  JimJuice is a very busy man with his work preparing to develop the neighborhood, working on his photography, running air travel terminals and all the other things that keep us Uplanders busy.  

So let's get into it.  JimJuice, that's an interesting name, what is the backstory on that?

It used to be one of my gamer names for 1st person shooters. In Chicago the term "juice" can mean to "off" them, "ice" them, or straight murdalize them. And Jim just paired well with it.



Oh, wow.  Remind me to not get on your bad sad.  Haha.  Actually I gotta let the readers in on a secret, I have had the great pleasure of getting to know JimJuice and he is a genuine and lovely person.  So tell me a little about how you settled on Little Hollywood to be a focus neighborhood for you in Upland?

Shape first: it looks like a triangle. Size: relatively small, a neighborhood that I was confident that I could buy up pretty quickly. Third: location near the airport. Fourth: Prices were sweet. Fifth: I liked the name, it's catchy.



That's a good list.  So what are your thoughts on the future of the neighborhood, do you see it as a primarily residential, business or mixed use neighborhood?



Right to the point, I like it.  So being as it's likely a mixed use neighborhood, what types of businesses you expect in the area?

 A strong mix of rental properties, cafes, art galleries and hotels.


I am sure you have a plan for your own properties, would you please share your thoughts on what you are planning to do with the parcels you own?

Fully develop them, and rent/lease many of them out.


Sounds like a neighborhood primed and ready to roll.  As people start to occupy the neighborhood do you see any properties that would be well suited to a community purchase? 

No, all the large properties are already bought.


So do you have any specific initiatives you hope to see implemented for the neighborhood? 

A neighborhood watch to keep out the freeloaders... I'm kidding. I would strongly like Little Hollywood to be an art hub that will be absolutely premier and exclusive. I don't feel that a bunch of art galleries in one district would be competitive, but instead complimentary to each other.


That sounds exciting, I can't wait to see all the intriguing art that will be popping up in neighborhood.  What would you say to someone considering the neighborhood, what makes it special?

We have a strong group of neighbors that believe in the Little Hollywood potential, and we invite any serious and dedicated players to join us.


Are there any iconic or historical things of note in Little Hollywood?

It is rumored that Little Hollywood was a getaway home for Mae West. Also the architecture is loosely based off of the real Hollywood.


Is there anything else about the neighborhood that you would like to mention?

 There are only a few properties left before it's sold out, but the prices are reasonable.

Thanks JimJuice for taking the time to sit down and talk about Little Hollywood with me.  It's a really up and coming neighborhood and I look forward to seeing it grow.

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If you are a fan of the Little Hollywood art in the "spotlight" of the banner check out JimJuice one of the featured artists at Upland Fan Art.  To check out more of his work head over to his UFA shop on Atomic Hub.

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