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After a harrowing flight to NYC, which cost more than several of my properties, I was finally able to sit down with the man...the myth...the legend, that is TDavis.  Now, I am not sure you know, but TDavis has what I might call a bit of an affinity for a certain Manhattan neighborhood.  I wanted to hear all about what has gotten him so excited for this gem of a spot on the island, and couldn't wait to dig in.  

So T, can I call you T?  Maybe, Mr. Davis, is that better?  I, man this isn't starting well.  Ok, so reset.  So, TDavis, does your name have any history behind it?

Yes. Having a unique first name (at least it was growing up), I have never had to be referred to by first & last name, or first dot last initial until I started working for a large corporation. One of my peers was also named 'Trent', and another had the same last name of 'Davis'. We had to clearly define who was being referred to in our group Skype messaging, and after months of trial and error of what worked best, I settled on "T.Davis". Fast forward to the day I signed up for Upland. Historically, I have never been able to find a username with any variation of my name in it available (without it being something like tredav1228183), and since Upland was in Open Beta, I was finally able to claim a short "Davis" username.

OK, very detailed explanation, thanks for that.  Well I for one can say I am glad you got your first choice.  Anything other than TDavis would just seem weird to me at this point.  It suits you well.  You have been very vocal and energetic about you support for Little Italy, tell me more about how this neighborhood in particular became a focal spot for you?

I was born and raised in South Jersey, which has a very large demographic of Italian Americans. Thus, I have spent a lot of time immersed in the culture and cuisine. I am also a huge fan of gangster movies (Goodfellas, Casino, The Godfather, etc.) which has a rich, infamous history in Little Italy. 

Ah the cuisine, I too am a lover of Italian food.  Also a great list of flix there.  So tell me more about the neighborhood and how you see it developing.  Will it primarily be residential, business or maybe more of a mixed use?

My hope is that it becomes a hub for everything Upland. So, yes, mixed use. Multi-use.  

So when focusing on the business aspect, do you think any particular business type will work well in the area?

All of them. See answer above. To give a more specific answer, though, the businesses I open in San Fran will eventually move headquarters to Little Italy. So you can expect a heavy graphic design/art presence. 

See answer above?  My bad man.  Ooph.  OK, ok, moving on.   Graphic design and art, that's great!  Near and dear to my heart.  What a great spot to be in then, Upland seems like the place for you.  So will being doing that in all your properties, or how will you handle all the places you have in Little Italy?

I currently own 35 of them, and have no plans on selling any. If anything, they will be distributed to Uplanders that I believe will be a value add for the neighborhood. Whether this distribution involves property trades, gifting, or selling, I can assure you that each transaction will be strategic and heavily scrutinized.

Well it certainly sounds like you have a plan.   You are obviously a community minded and distinguished gentleman, do you see any properties in the neighborhood that might be well suited to a community purchase?

Not currently, the neighborhood is nearly sold out (less than 15 unminted at the time of this writing) with a second half due to open once all of Manhattan becomes available, that still remains to be seen. 

Wow, selling fast!  So fast that I bet they might sold out...cough the time I to publish this article.  That second half will be exciting with all the excitement surrounding the neighborhood now.  With all your development plans, do you have any special initiatives you have in mind for the neighborhood?

I've already started the Little Italy Series NFT Collection. More artwork and design initiatives are planned for the future. I would also like to see it start to take on a fun twist of its criminal underworld personality. Bookies? Loan Sharks? Number Runners? Maybe. We'll have to wait and see how the game mechanics progress (and ToS of course) and allow for a creative implementation of "crime and corruption". 

Wow, now you are talking!  That's a very interesting take on this.  I am gonna need a sports correspondent for Upland Uncovered, maybe we should talk some time. You could recommend someone good to set the lines.  Wonder when Upland plans to open Vegas?  Hmmm.  OK, sorry, I digress.   So getting back to it.  What would you say to someone considering the neighborhood?  What makes it so special?

Too many to list. Original NYPD headquarters, first pizzeria in the U.S., iconic festivals, world famous and infamous restaurants. The list goes on. 

You have really got me thinking, maybe I have to check this all out a little closer.   Any closing thoughts, or anything you really would like to tell the readers about Little Italy?

Yes. If you are looking for a neighborhood in NYC that has the potential to blossom into "the place to be", come join the Little Italy community. 

Well, I am sold.  Maybe Little Italy will need to become part of my portfolio.  You have made a really convincing sell.  Well thank you so much for your time, I know you are a busy man.  I appreciate you taking the time out to talk.  I am gonna go grab a slice and stroll down Mulberry to check out the sites.

If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to join up and get a 50% bonus on your first purchase.

If you are a fan of the Little Italy art in the “spotlight” part of the article’s banner, reach out to TDavis and see if you can get hooked up with a Little Italy logo NFT.  Also keep your eye open for a Spotlight NFT for this interview to drop in the Upland Fan Art collection.

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