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Upland Uncovered is excited to announce that it's team is growing!  We are ecstatic to let everyone know that we now have a New York correspondent.   TDavis has joined Upland Uncovered to be our man on the ground in NYC. 

TDavis will be covering all things NYC.  Expect to hear event announcements, Manhattan news, and all the things you want to know about the city that never sleeps.  We are excited to find out everything that NYC has to offer and will be working with TDavis to set up our NYC branch in none other than Little Italy! 

As with San Francisco, we will be setting up and office where you can come in and talk anything Upland.  It will be a central place to meet and talk.  We will also have some select NYC inspired NFTs in the office.

I want to thank TDavis for his never ending support of the Upland Community and we are excited to open this new chapter together!

If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to join up and get a 50% bonus on your first purchase.

If you are a fan of the Little Italy art in the “spotlight” part of the article’s banner, reach out to TDavis and see if you can get hooked up with a Little Italy logo NFT.  Also check out the Spotlight NFT for his Little Italy interview that dropped in the Upland Fan Art collection.

If you are interested in getting your business or neighborhood featured in Upland Uncovered, please leave a comment or reach out to recourier on discord, telegram, or any of the other platforms listed below.

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