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After making it out of the Little Italy interview with my life and body still intact I thought to myself I really needed a good stiff drink.  Once I got off the plane safely back in San Francisco I made a quick dash over to one of my favorite watering holes to have a beverage to calm the nerves.  While I was there I was lucky enough to sit down with the owner of this fine establishment and we split a few drinks and a few laughs.  By the end of the interview things were a little fuzzy, but I caught an Uber home and slept like a baby.

So Draken93 it's good to talk with you.  Can you tell the readers about the story behind your explorer's name?

Nothing special. It has its origin in an old video game, called „Drakensang“.

Ah, a gamer very nice.  So I guess you could got game?  No, nothing?  OK, yeah that was not my best work.  Moving on, for the record, what's the official name of this here watering hole?

Would you believe?

I would, if you just let me know.  Again...crickets.  Whew, Little Italy took out of me.  I am going to need a refill or 7.  OK, so how would you describe your business?

 Mainly gastronomy (an establishment that sells drinks), but also event organization (spirit-tastings etc.).

That sounds excellent, people keep talking about Upland cafes but really, you need a good neighborhood pub to keep people going.  So tell me a little about how you came to decide upon this business type.

For almost 2 years, I did not drink one drop of alcohol. I just had enough of poor drinks and headaches the next morning. A good friend talked me into trying some really good whisky. 

That opened my eyes, and I started to discover a different side of alcohol: The world of pure enjoyment. 

Today, I would not like to miss good whisky, aromatic craft beer, or delicious cocktails. 

I decided it is time to create a place where people can share this passion.  A place where people can discover another side of alcohol: The taste, and not the intoxication. 

Now I can get behind that idea!  I really have to agree that having the right type of beer or spirit is very important.  Enjoy the drink without necessarily having to get drunk.  Though, I would be a liar if I didn't admit being accused of being a tipsy llama from time to time.  So, where should all the other thirst llama's point their block explorers?

388 11TH AVE [San Francisco]

Yes indeed, up here in Richmond.  Right on the corner of Geary, a great spot.  So in addition to the nice location, what else can you offer your customers that your competitors cannot?

„ Would you believe? – Cocktails“ is a bar that is not about binge drinking or intoxicated partying.

We offer a place with style, good music, and a cozy atmosphere. A place where you can enjoy delicious drinks from around the world and have good conversations. And that without having to shout, to understand each other. We do believe that good spirits are expensive enough. Therefore we do not charge overblown prices for our drinks. Instead, we are convinced that fair prices create faithful costumers.

As the name of our bar contains „Cocktails“, we also put a big focus on that. Our card offers various cocktails that are created by superb bartenders. 

Fantastic, sounds awesome.  I can't wait to see how that all works out.  Is there any chance that you might expand in the future?

In the future, we would love to expand to other parts of San Francisco and even to NY city.

The plan is to create a brand that stands for high-class experience, affordable for almost everyone. 

Besides, we want to buy a distillery or brewery to create our own spirits and beer.

To do that, we are still on the search for investors that could help us in funding our big plans. 

Well I am impressed, it sounds like you are really taking the metaverse to heart and will be looking to grow in Upland and maybe even beyond.  So do you have a tag line or moto?

Our bussiness name: "Would you believe?" -  (that our drinks are this good ?) 

Oh, I see what you did there, very nice.  Well thanks so much for your time, and for the drinks.  I am feeling great now.  Looking forward to getting home and crashing on the couch.  Can't wait for my next trip back.

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