Mission District, SF: The Unminted Goldmine

Many players already know the benefits of patience in Upland, being able to hold onto UPX until you find a property below mint in an area you like is one of the nicest feelings you can have, but patience doesn’t just mean constantly searching for once in a lifetime bargains sometimes being able to hold onto a property in an area that’s not fully minted yet can be the opportunity you are looking for. Mission is very versatile with multiple options as long as you’re patient. 

Future Value

The biggest reason to grab and hold a property in Mission is simply the fact that it is currently in a collection. Eventually every property in San Francisco will sell out, it’s inevitable, the city is easily accessible and will see a lot of development encouraging more people to move there. When the city sells out ALL properties will increase in value, but the properties that will go up the most are the ones in collections like the Mission District collection. 

Development opportunity

With no known organized developers in Mission quite yet there is a ton of room (assuming you have the UPX) to buy out a ton of properties and really influence the landscape of the Mission District. Combine that with the point above and you can really make something special. If you have ever wanted to become one of the select few unofficial mayors with all the UPX and influence you could ask for? This large area could be the place to do it.

A sub-neighborhood?

Okay the Mission District is big, really big. Buying out a large chunk of properties won’t be an easy task, but with a challenge comes an opportunity to be creative. Buy out a block or two for yourself and take the time to grow it, develop it and sell properties to others with development horsepower, who needs a border, make your own. Who knows, maybe the Upland team will acknowledge your neighborhood in the future if you do enough with it.


San Francisco’s Mission District is a hidden gem, the fact that it has so many unminted properties is genuinely surprising, if you have some UPX you’re willing to sit on for the long-term Mission is bound to be a great location to hold while you wait for new collection collectors.

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