Neighborhood Spotlight - Potrero Hill

 After sleeping off my last article about the Would You Believe? gastropub I am ready to settle into a nice relaxing talk about good old Potrero Hill.  I got a chance to catch up with Potrero Hills biggest fan and wanted to get a little insight into the neighborhood on the east side of San Francisco with some gorgeous views of the bay.  So, AmineU, that's a really interesting block explorer name, tell us what is it about?

All about mining/earning crypto and involvement in blockchain

Ah, I see, mining.  Very cool, so you obviously came with a blockchain background.  So how did you come to choose Potrero Hill to focus your efforts in Upland?

 Its has very diverse structures, mixed real estate, accessible routes and not far from the water.

So how do you think the neighborhood will develop once spark is available and construction has kicked off?

Mixed use to start.

What do you think will be the best type of businesses for the area?

 Galleries, cafes are some.

Yeah, that seems to be a fit.  I wonder if there will be any technology there?  We will have to wait and see.  So what do you plan to do with the properties you own in Potrero Hill?

A build up a few, others rent out.

Do you see any particular properties in the neighborhood that would be well suited to a community purchase?  Maybe joint development?

Yes there are a few. 

I see brevity is a strong suit for you.  Stick to the facts, no embellishment.  Did you have parents in the military?  Oh, I digress, my apologies.  So, back on topic.  Do you have any specific initiatives you hope to see implemented for the neighborhood?

 Yes but all depends on the progress/direction of Upland Dev team.

OK, let's try another angle.  If you were trying to convince someone to invest in the Potrero Hill neighborhood, what would you say to convince them?

It's a crossroads area. The comfort of a feel-good neighborhood mixed with science, arts and technology innovations - a sub-urban zone.

Now we are talking, that sounds pretty good.  So is there anything historical or of note in the neighborhood?

Vermont Street - the crookedest and steepest street. The breathtaking views. Adam's Family Residence. The Purple House. M5 Special Effects.

Wow, it does sound like a pretty diverse and interesting neighborhood.  Well thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with me and have a chat.  I consider myself lucky to have a few spots in Potrero Hill.  It's going to be an exciting place to be. 


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