The four best Upland San Francisco neighborhoods you should invest in

Finding the right property in San Francisco can be tricky, you have to really pay attention to what people are doing and most importantly to make the most money you need to be in it for the long haul. These properties are all in entirely sold out neighborhoods, and yet they are still undervalued. Don’t believe me? Hop on the Upland Fans Discord and check for yourself.


Photograph: Courtesy Nichirin

Total Properties : 223

Properties for sale (At time of writing): 26

Cheapest property: 67,480 UPX

With an organized road map for success and an active channel in the Upland Fans Discord (#dogpatch) this small community has brought up a lot of buzz within San Francisco.

There’s no question many people have seen the value of Dogpatch already, nothing in the neighborhood sells for under 50,000 UPX, but don’t let the high cost of entry scare you, this small city within a city has some of the most well-known and active Uplanders around, which includes its unofficial mayor, Nichiren Dinzeo. If you want to be a part of a neighborhood you know will develop properly you should look no further than Dogpatch.

Little Hollywood 

Photograph: Courtesy

Total Properties : 435

Properties for sale (At time of writing): 62

Cheapest property: 10,000 UPX

Little Hollywood is the most recent neighborhood to sell out in San Francisco and it is no surprise. The level of dedication in planning to grow Little Hollywood to be the art district of Upland from the neighborhood's mayor, JimJuice, is incredible. 

When asked about why he chose Little Hollywood, JimJuice said, “The desirability here in Little Hollywood is based on some things that the Upland devs put into their road map. They wrote that it will be possible in the future for new districts to obtain collection status depending on how it is developed. That lead me to strategize to buy up and concentrate on one district (Little Hollywood)”

JimJuice’s plan is to develop all 129 of his properties in the neighborhood to bring Upland developer attention and drive the popularity higher all while promoting the growth of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

The potential for Little Hollywood has been seen by many, but the second-hand properties are still undervalued if the plans from JimJuice come to fruition.

Merced Manor

Photos by F8 Real Estate Media, courtesy of Nick Sadek of Sotheby’s International Realty

Total Properties : 1032

Properties for sale (At time of writing): 158

Cheapest property: 5,910 UPX

Merced Manor is the largest neighborhood in this listing by a pretty large margin, and yet it’s still sold out. When San Francisco inevitably fills up every piece of property you own will go up in value, but owning property in an already coveted location like Merced Manor will give you the highest return on investment with relatively low risk. You can find quite a few properties around the 6,000 UPX mark which will look like a steal in no time.  

This neighborhood is yet another majority-owned project by Nichiren, this guy is essentially the Elon Musk of Upland, he has his hands in multiple different projects and with each one there’s a high level of confidence behind them. 

Despite the fact there is a majority real estate ownership, Merced Manor isn’t out of reach, this neighborhood has a pretty even share of the pie leaving room for new investors to get a sizable chunk of a sought after location.  

Merced Manor is also the home neighborhood to the wildly popular NFT project, BlockChain Heroes. Their headquarters are located at 230 Junipero Serra Blvd. According to their website,
“Blockchain Heroes is a collectible digital trading card set featuring original characters inspired by blockchain and cryptocurrency personalities!” It is a pretty safe assumption that any collaboration events/projects between Upland and BlockChain Heroes is likely to happen around the BCH HQ thus driving up interest and value of the properties around it.


Photograph: Courtesy

Total Properties : 720

Properties for sale (At time of writing): 53

Cheapest property: 10,000 UPX

Lakeshore is a neighborhood with Bibing as it’s majority owner, the laid back and witty leader describes the plans for Lakeshore as “World domination.” It’s clear he’s keeping his cards close to his chest with this area.

Anytime someone invests in as many properties in one location (295) as this you know it is in their best interest to develop the best they can. 

Right now there are still a few properties that go for 10-15k UPX, but I would imagine a location on the far south side will go up in the short term and the long term. 

Honorable mention: Alamo Square

Total Properties : 1032

Properties for sale (At time of writing): 158

Cheapest property: 94,999 UPX

I know a lot of the veteran players are likely wondering why it took so long to mention Alamo Square. Don’t get me wrong, the value of a neighborhood like Alamo is clearly defined. The reason Alamo Square did not make this list is because it has already reached a high value and has less room for mass growth like the others.

Think of Alamo Square like Apple. Sure no one is going to think investing in Apple is a bad idea, it’s established and a safe bet, but you are less likely to see huge leaps of growth from them any time soon. 


You really can not go wrong with any of these locations, their future growth potential is incredible and joining any of them will show you a great return on your investment. If you wish to put all of your eggs in one basket go with a spot like Dogpatch, if you have the UPX and want a more stable investment go with Alamo Square, otherwise I suggest keeping a diverse number of properties in a few of the listed places. 

Let me know below, what neighborhoods are you investing in?

I am constantly looking for new projects within Upland to write about. Please reach out to me on discord JadenFromDairy#0145

I would like to give a special thanks to TDavis for helping me with the editing on this article and giving me some more info on some of the neighborhoods in the area. 


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  3. Don't forget Visitacion Valley for all of the entrepreneurs out there!


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