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After getting the tables turned and talking all things Merced Manor with TDavis I am back in the interviewer role.  After the coast to coast Christmas party I found myself in NYC and took the opportunity to reach out to UplandDood and talk about what he has going on with Upland Hub.

So, UplandDood, tell me a little bit about your block explorer name.  How did you come up with it?

The first time I notice the Upland game app was through the Wombat wallet. I have plenty of time on my hand due to the Pandemic but I did not download the game to play. 

Later on, I saw the Upland ad on the Brave browser. Somehow I got curious this time around and look into it a little more. I found out that it is a Monopoly-like game using real world addresses. I signed up immediately. I want to be the Dood in Upland and hence UplandDood. My life now revolves around Upland. 

Tell me more about Upland Hub, what's your vision?

Connecting Upland to the real world and vice versa. A platform for business transactions - buy, sell & trade Upland properties and businesses

How did you end up choosing this business model for yourself?

I found that there's no avenue for players to showcase their property that they want to sell. As Upland is based on real world addresses, it makes sense to offer a real world property listing platform for Upland properties.

That's a great point.  It's hard to find good properties sometimes.  Especially as property development starts taking off it's going to be important to really find the best spots.  So tell all the readers how to get to Upland Hub.

Physically I'm in Malaysia but the business is virtual ( I'd just completed an article touching on this. The need to be virtual. You can read it here - This also talks about why I invested my time in the game.

Currently, for assisted listings, Uplanders can visit 1342 Lexington Ave, in Upland Manhattan (UplandHub NY). This is a way to generate earnings before Upland opens up the business feature. I explained how that works here -

The reason for the address is that it's Andy Warhol's first home in NY and also the place where he created some of his most iconic art pieces, like the Campbell soup can and the Coke bottle.

That is a really cool detail, an awesome property too.  What a great spot.  Tell me some more about what you are going to offer your clients that will set you apart from others? is an evolving platform to meet Uplanders' business needs. 

Initially, I'm offering a place where Uplanders can list their property and tell the world why that property is worth acquiring. 

Competitors can copy the product but not the idea and the vision behind the product. Furthermore, what may seem like competing businesses may be complementary and end up being synergistic. 

Upland is still a growing platform and there's room to collaborate and grow it together. A rising tide lifts all boats.

What type of development to you plan to do with your property in Upland?

For now, the focus is on getting Upland Hub running well and serving the existing needs of Uplanders based on the current released game features.

Do you expect to expand your business to other locations in the future?

Yes, this is definitely in the plan. It is a borderless business after all.

What, if anything, would you say is your company moto?

Build Your Upland Empire

Is there anything else about Upland Hub that you would like to mention?

Soon, I'll open UplandHub SF and UplandHub Fresno. This could potentially open up earnings opportunity for selected UplandHub contributors with an address in those cities.

I like that idea, contributor, that's very cool.   Very into collaboration, that's great.  Well thank you so much for your time.  I think you have a great idea there with Upland Hub and I hope you all the best with it.  Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with me and talk.  

If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to join up and get a 50% bonus on your first purchase.

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