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After a quick trip back on the train from Fresno I found myself in good old San Francisco again.  Having gotten a call from Hacker to come check out the newly improved and updated UPX World I decided to head on over and see all the good stuff they have going on over there.

So first off, did you decide on that name?

Well I am a computer enthusiast and always been interested in networks, programming and security. I didn't know what Upland was before I started playing so I just took the first explorer name that came to mind which was HACKER.

OK, guess it works out then.  A little unconventional, but you are rolling with it.  So tell me more about UPX World, what can you find there?

Everything around Upland like statistics, information about neighborhoods, leaderboards, dashboard of all properties in Upland, Live Blockchain feed and much more.

Data is power, that's really cool.  It's nice to have that available to the public.  So how did you come to choose this business?

I LOVE computers and programming and saw that the data/ statistics market of Upland didn't really have any competitors. What drives evolution is competitiveness and Open Source, that's why I made our API Open to the public, so we can have more useful tools on the market to help new and Old players to become Gurus in the world of Upland!

So how do people get to UPX World?


Nice, very straightforward link.  So what do you offer your customers that others may not?

We offer dashboards with data about the current state of Upland including number of properties for sale, unminted, minted and locked. We also provide user statistics with the ability to personalize the profile.

If that isn't enough we have also made our API public so even more people can create stuff.

What else to do you plan to do in Upland?

 We would like to Open a Bank Of Upland which holds/ trades properties and Spark.

So tell me, what's your company moto?

Work smart, not hard.

Is there anything else about the business that you would like to mention?

Not really about our business but I would like to say thank you to the UCN and to the whole Upland Community, never been in a community this lovely and wholesome. Keep it up and I promise to keep delivering together with the rest of the UPX World Team! 

Well, that's a really awesome thing to say.  I am sure the community appreciates the kind words.  Have a great day and keep pumping out that data.

If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to join up and get a 50% bonus on your first purchase.

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