Potrero Hill Halloween Property Makeover

Upland Comics is proud to partner with the Potrero Hill neighborhood to bring you the Potrero Hill Halloween Property Makeover Competition.  In this competition you will be entering to win from an array of prizes including NFTs, UPX and Upland Property.


Choose a property that you own in Upland, and give it a Halloween makeover.  You can choose spooky, or funny, or anything you like as long as it isn't NSFW.  This is a 2D competition and you can do your makeover any way you want, digitally, by hand, using any software you like.  All that matters is that the property is still recognizable as the original property, and that the file size meets the criteria in the entry section and it is submitted digitally.


  1. One entry per player.
  2. Property being entered must be owned by the player.
  3. Property of choice must show a clear front or 3/4 view of the building.  
    1. Minor trees or shrubs are ok as long as you can see the majority of the building.
  4. Images can be taken from Upland's street view, google street view, or any mapping or image software of choice, or from personal pictures.  
  5. Submitted entries must be in either jpg or png format.
  6. Submitted entries must be no larger that 4" x 6" at 300ppi or 1200px x 1800px.
  7. Submitted entries are allowed to be in either portrait or landscape.
  8. Submitted entries cannot have a file size greater than 1.5MB.
  9. Submitted artwork must be original in nature and not taken from another artist.  There may not be any copyrighted work, protected work or licensed work as part of your entry.
  10. Any decorations or other items of design taken from online must be confirmed as licensed for re-use and modification.  
  11. All entries must be static in nature.
  12. All entries will potentially be made into NFTs, by entering your artwork you understand that as part of the prize package it may be minted on the WAX blockchain.


First Prize
    Winning image minted as commemorative NFT
    Upland Property & UPX ( 20,000 UPX total value)
    Mutant Warrior pack of collectible NFTs

Second Prize
    Second place image minted as commemorative NFT
    10,000 UPX
    Dingleberries NFT

Third Prize
    Third place image minted as commemorative NFT
    5,000 UPX
    Mutant Warriors NFT

Prizes will be issued no later than 1 week after conclusion of the competition.  Some prizes may be issued earlier, however some time will be needed to create and mint the custom NFTs.


Any Uplander (or above statuses) who owns an Upland property, and is not a panelist for the contest judging, is eligible to enter. 


It is free to enter, all you have to do is fill out the entry form and submit your drawing in that form. Please use this link to submit your entry.  All entries will be kept private until the entry window has closed.  At that time entries will be posted on this page for all to view.  See rules for file types and sizes.


There will be a panel of impartial Uplanders serving as judges.  The sole judgement of the entries will be by the panelists.  


The entry phase will begin on the date and time noted below.  Any entry sent before this time will not be considered for the competition.  Once the entry period is complete there will be a period of time for public viewing and judging.  Finally the winners will be announced.

Entry submissions open:
  • Monday, October 19, 2020
    • GMT/UTC +0        - 12:00:00 am
    • New York/UTC -4  - 8:00:00 pm (Prior night in NY)
    • California/UTC -7  - 5:00:00 am (Prior night in California)

Entry submissions close:
  • Wednesday, October 28, 2020
    • GMT/UTC +0        - 12:00:00 am
    • New York/UTC -4  - 8:00:00 pm (Prior night in NY)
    • California/UTC -7  - 5:00:00 am (Prior night in California)
Public gallery of submissions opens:
  • Friday, October 30, 2020 (No later than)
    • GMT/UTC +0        - 4:00:00 pm
    • New York/UTC -4  - 12:00:00 pm 
    • California/UTC -7  - 9:00:00 am 
Final Announcement of winners:
  • Saturday, October 31, 2020 (No later than)
    • GMT/UTC +0        - 12:00:00 am
    • New York/UTC -4  - 8:00:00 pm (Prior night in NY)
    • California/UTC -7  - 5:00:00 am (Prior night in California)

If you are not yet in the Upland Metaverse then click right here to begin your journey with a 50% initial UPX purchase bonus.

Thank you for participating, and good luck!


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