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The Upland Comics' Story

Upland Comics & Collectibles is the metaverse's premier digital collectibles shop and design group.  We deal in all forms of digital collectibles and maintain locations throughout multiple metaverses in the crypto space.  Upland Comics grew from it's beginnings in the Upland metaverse.  Intially with locations in San Francisco, we have also expanded to Fresno, Manhattan and Brooklyn.  

We don't only exist in Upland however, we have a presence in Alien Worlds and will be joining the Uplift World as well.  We make our real world home on WAX blockchain and have both a Telegram channel and Discord server.  Please stop in to both and check us out.

We have our several shops in San Francisco shop just down the street from the Blockchain Heroes Headquarters on Junipero Serra Boulavard in the Merced Manor neighborhood.  Here we will maintain our block explorer shop, our sales shop and provide a location to shop for the best NFTs in Upland.  We are also hoping to open a collectibles cafe on the block, so that you can have a location to meet up and chat with other collectors about the newest things to happen in the digital world.

We will also maintain locations throughout San Francisco including Dogpatch, Russian Hill, Union Sq/Downtown and South of Market (Railway).  We will have some of our collectibles also showcased in Upland Uncovered's (our partner company) location in Alamo Square.  These collectibles can be viewed and you can stop into our sales locations to discuss purchase.

Our west coast operations have expanded to include two locations in Fresno.  We have out Little Italy location as well as our Central Fresno location which is just around the corner from the train station.

We have many prestigious locations in Manhattan.  Our pride and joy is our block on Mulberry St between Grand and Hester  We have our primary location directly across the street from Umberto's at 133 Mulberry but also have the remainder of the block where we plan to open several different business types.  We also have locations available in Tribeca, SOHO, Upper East Side, Midtown, Theatre District and are constantly investigating other opportunities.

Finally we have our Brooklyn locations.  We have secured the northern most portions of the Park Slope neighborhood.  Our main Brooklyn store shares the intersection with the Upland train terminal and the Barclay's Center at the corner of Atlantic Ave and Flatbush Ave.  We have several nearby properties for ample room to expand or lease.

We currently hold 3 locations on 3 planets in the Alien Worlds metaverse as well.  We are looking to expand our Alien Worlds locations, keep checking back to find out more.

We are in the processes of finding and setting up land in the Uplift.World metaverse.  As the world opens we will be updating with our locations.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see detailed addresses and/or links to all our locations.

NFT Mining

In addition to selling NFTs we also have mining locations in all our metaverses.  Mining is live in Upland and you can check our location lists at the bottom to find our mining locations.  We will be holding regular mining events in our metaverses with chances to win NFTs.  Our mining location will change from time to time, so keep checking back.  To make sure we can distribute your NFTs we need to know your wax wallet that's tied to your Upland block explorer.  Submit that information on this form.

Standard mining is available on our Alien Worlds lands for now.  In the near future we will be adding additional NFT reward distributions for mining on our lands.  Look out for those coming soon.

As we wait for the Uplift World to open, we are making plans for our mining experience in that metaverse.  We are excited for the future and can't wait to help distribute NFTs broadly throughout the metaverses.


Upland Comics will be stocking all types of NFT collectibles and Upland Block Explorers.  We will have not only the Upland Comics collection but many other collections available throughout the NFT space.  Consider Upland Comics your best stop in Upland for tough to find NFTs.

NFT Design

Upland Comics is also a design studio.  We have our own collection on WAX.  There we have minted our own NFTs and provide minting services for our customers.  We have lines of logos, comic covers, gaming guides, and business cards.  We will be doing other types of design in the future as we expand our collections.

WAX Sales

Upland Comics utilizes Atomic Hub for our sales platform.  From Atomic Hub we utilize drops for the primary sales, we also have a busy secondary sales market.  From time to time we list #1 mints or other special items up for auction.  Check the links below for all the ways to get your own Upland Comics NFT.

    Logos - Primary Sales, Secondary Market & Auctions.

    Comic CoversPrimary Sales, Secondary Market & Auctions.

    Gaming Guides - Primary Sales, Secondary Market & Auctions.

    Trade Fuel - Primary SalesSecondary Market & Auctions.

Monthly Mega Collection Giveaways

Upland Comics (UPCO) holds monthly NFT giveaways.  Each month a different collection is highlighted and is the primary NFTs in the giveaway.  Upland Comics also adds NFTs from a variety of different collections into the giveaway so make for a well rounded set of collectibles.  Check in to the giveaway webpage each month to find out what new collection is being highlighted and how big it's become.  Check back regularly and watch the pot grow all month long.



Upland Comics (UPCO) holds regular NFT charity drives.  We have a wallet dedicated to our charity work.  The WAX wallet "upcogoodwill" is used to collect NFTs or donations.  NFTs will be auctioned or sold and all proceeds along with currency donations will go to a charity or cause.  We know that not everyone is liquid in WAX and the only way they can donate is through sending NFTs.  We will do the work to auction or sell these NFTs and make sure your generous donation goes to somewhere good.

Our current cause is Haitian Roots.  Any and all proceeds will go to MBlu to disperse to Hatian Roots.  Please donate as you see fit.

WAX Pre-sales/Drops/Commissions

Upland Comics will do it's best to participate in any and all WAX presales or drops.  We will work to get the most desirable NFTs on the market.  Even when our customers are not available to attend the drop themselves we can help.  If you have a presale or drop in mind reach out to use in advance.  We will work with you to source liquidity and purchase NFTs on your behalf.

If you have a specific NFT in mind that in not available on the open market, contact us and discuss your budget.  Upland Comics will go out into the private sales and collectors arenas and attempt to source the NFT that you are looking to acquire.  

Artist Representation

Upland Comics array of galleries throughout San Francisco are not only for established collections.  If you are an up and coming artist and don't have your own gallery space, Upland Comics will work with you to provide you with gallery space and a place to sell your work.  

If you want to experiment with minting your own work for the first time and need a helping hand with the technical aspects we can provide guidance and help with the details.  Please reach out and contact us.

Upland East Coast Locations

Little Italy (Manhattan)
NFT Mine & Gallery - 133 Mulberry Street
MetaForce Mine & Gallery - 142 Mulberry Street

Park Slope (Brooklyn)
NFT Mine & Gallery - 15 4th Avenue
MetaForce Mine & Gallery - 617 Pacific Street

Upland West Coast Locations

Merced Manor (SF)
MetaForce Mine & Gallery - 80 Junipero Serra Boulevard
NFT Mine & Block Explorer Shop - 170 Junipero Serra Boulevard

Alamo Square (SF)
Upland Uncovered Offices - 821 Fillmore Street
Upland Comics Design Studio - 827 Fillmore Street

Union Square/Downtown (SF)

Dogpatch (SF)

South of Market/Railway Station (SF)
 Gallery - 655 5th Street

Russian Hill (SF)

Telegraph Hill (SF)
 Gallery -200 Green Street

Little Italy (Fresno)
  MetaForce Mine & Gallery -1426 C St

Central Fresno (Fresno)
 NFT Mine & Gallery -2926 Tulare St

Alien Worlds Locations

Uplift World Locations



Discord - UPCO Server                Telegram - UPCO Channel
Twitter - Recourier                    Hyprr - Recourier


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