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Upland Cards Mega Collection Giveaway

Upland Comics is proud to partner with Upland Cards to bring you the Upland Cards Mega Collection Giveaway.  In this giveaway you will be entering to win a collection of Upland Cards NFTs.  Upland Comics and Upland Cards have donated NFTs to the collection to give away to one lucky winner.

The collection may also have some select NFTs from other WAX properties such as Upland Comics, MetaForce Comics, Blockchain Heroes, KOGS on WAX, GPK and others.  

The collection can be seen on Atomic Hub in the WAX wallet address upcogiveaway.  You will win the ENTIRE contents of that wallet's NFTs.


There is only one way to enter the contest, and that is to send any NFT from the upland.cards collection to the giveaway address as your entry.  Each individual NFT sent in will count as one entry.  You can enter as many times as you like.    Although you are free to send any NFTs you like to the address, only the NFTs from the upland.cards collection will count as an entry.

All entries will be made by sending your NFT to the WAX wallet address upcogiveaway.  Your entry will be the WAX wallet address from which you transfer the NFT.  Your NFT now becomes part of the collection for the winner. 


Anyone who is NOT a contest sponsor is eligible for the giveaway.  As stated above the only requirements are sending an NFT from the WAX wallet that will receive the winning NFTs if it's drawn.  You can enter as many times as you want, but each entry will require an additional NFT.


The entry phase will begin on the date and time noted below.  Any NFT sent before this time will be considered a donation to the contest and will not count as an entry.  Feel free to browse the collection prior to the contest start, but save your entries for Monday (based on UTC time).  Entering early or late gives no advantage in the giveaway.

Entry tracking begins:
  • Wednesday, March 7, 2021
    • GMT/UTC +0        - 5:00:00 pm
    • New York/UTC -5  - 12:00:00 pm 
    • California/UTC -8  - 9:00:00 am

Entry tracking ends:
  • Friday, April 30, 2021
    • GMT/UTC +0        - 11:59:59 pm
    • New York/UTC -5  - 6:59:59 pm
    • California/UTC -8  - 3:59:59 pm


All of the donating addresses will be added to a wheel of names and shuffled multiple times.  The wheel will be spun once and the winning address will take the entire collection.  The drawing itself will be live streamed and posted on the Recourier Youtube Channel and links will be posted on Twitter and in the Upland Comics Telegram.  The winner will also be announced on the appropriate channels of the giveaway sponsor.  The Upland Comics Telegram should be your primary source of information for the giveaway and considered the official location for communication.

Drawing results will be announced on the 1st day of the following month.  Please allow for time to count the entries and do the drawing.  In most cases results will be available within 24 hours of the months closing.  Special considerations may be required for holidays such as New Years. 

Future & Past Giveaways

September 2020 - Upland Fan Art 
October 2020 - Blockchain Heroes
November 2020 - Darkside Gaming
December 2020 - CryptomonKeys
January 2021 - Alien Worlds
February 2021 - Uplift Art
March 2021 - R-Planet
April 2021 - Upland.Cards

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have a project in mind for the monthly giveaway contact recourier on Telegram in the Upland Comics Telegram or Discord in the Upland Comics & Metaverse Media Server Your project will be promoted on multiple channels and platforms all month long.  

If you are not yet in the Upland Metaverse then click right here to begin your journey with a 50% initial UPX purchase bonus.

Thank you for participating, and good luck!


  1. So just to confirm, we can have multiple card entries and each one counts as a ticket yes? Or is it strictly 1 entry per wax address only?

    1. As many entries as you like. Each card is an entry.

  2. "only the NFTs from this months verified collection will count"
    What does that mean? Any NFT verified on WAX available this month?
    Like Alien World NFTs count for entries?

    1. I Have the same question, NTF like Aliens or Kolobok are elegible to the contest ?

  3. I Have the same question, NTF like Aliens or Kolobok are elegible to the contest ?


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