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I wanted to lay out a roadmap for new players on how to get into the game for free. Upland is very much a game where you can choose your own path, there is no one right way to play Upland.  For some people they will be more than happy to just have a property or two and participate in community events.  As the NFT integration improves that might be all you need to enjoy all the features.  Others will want much more than that, and that's cool too. There are however some good tips for starting out on the right foot regardless of your intended path.

This is an article for free play, but I will say this very briefly. If you are looking to spend money on the game the best option is to find a referral link, like this one, and use it to get your 50% bonus on your first UPX purchase. A few tips, sign up on the web, and use the web interface to buy it's a little cheaper and you have many more buy in options. Also you only get one shot at the bonus, so if you are going to use it be sure about what you want to spend and go for it. Once you use the bonus it's gone forever.

Even if you want to play for free, I suggest you still use a referral link, you wont get any bonus, but that's totally ok.  At least you have the option if you change your mind prior to reaching 10,000 UPX and becoming an Uplander. do you get to 10,000 UPX total net worth and become an Uplander. Here is a path that should work for just about everyone. But it will require a little work.

Join Upland - 4500UPX
To start you off Upland will give you a base amount of UPX. The minimum you might start with is 4,500 UPX, so we will use that for the example.  

Property Returns - Varying amount of UPX, approximately a 17% annual ROI.
Go and search for a property and make sure you understand how the neighborhoods work and how the purchasing of properties work. To learn more about the basics and property colors check out the tutorial here on, it's a great primer and will get you started. Also go and read this article I wrote on how properties, neighborhoods and collections work.  Collections will be an important part of your journey so you don't want to miss it.  As cheaper properties have been bought by other new players the base cost has been going up.  Be selective and look for deals.  As more cities and areas are opened it will get much easier to find cheap properties.  At the time of this writing Upland is still in open beta, so there is much more to come.

Collection Bonus - 800 UPX for Newbie, Additional available
Put your first property into the Newbie Collection, just by putting it in the collection you will get a collection bonus of 800 UPX. If you can swing enough UPX for another property or two you can work towards the San Franciscan (800 UPX), Sunset (900 UPX) or King of the Street (950 UPX) collections, those each take 3 properties. Make sure you understand how the neighborhoods and collections work before getting your properties, you can set yourself up well understanding these first.  Buying multiple in the right neighborhood or on the same street is a good place to start.

Treasure Hunts - 230-6600 UPX
Treasure hunts are a good way to earn UPX. But I am going to warn you, they take some time to learn and they can cost more than you make. They get much easier as you have more properties of your own that you can use to jump around the map for free. Some people take well to this approach, if it's not your thing that's ok, don't feel like you have to do these, there are other ways.  If you are lucky, one treasure hunt can pay your full way to Uplander status.  See below to see how to access treasure hunts and check out Upland Centrals youtube channel here for some great treasure hunt videos and tutorials.  Check these out before trying the hunts.  Also see these screenshots on how to access treasure hunts.  Standard hunts are exclusive to you, you are only racing the clock.  Limited and Exclusive you are competing against other players.  Save those until you have some practice.

Treasure 1


Treasure 2


Visits - Unlimited UPX
Join the Upland Fan Server on discord.  Once you are there someone will ask you what your Explorer Name is in Upland. Let them know and they will assign you a role so you can see the rest of the server. If you have used Discord in the past this will be very familiar to you. If not this might seem a little odd, but it's just a means to avoid spam bots that fill up servers with a bunch of junk.  Once you have your roll and you can see the whole server find the channel that says #visitor-raid. Set your UPX visit fee to 100UPX for one property and post up for visits. Here is how you set the fee.

Visit 1


Visit 2


Visit 3


In general the people on the server are very generous and will give you a visit or two.  Here is a tip, the more effort you put into your post, the more visitors you will get. At a minimum I suggest you screenshot your property address and post that up. That will look something like this.

Visit 4

If you can use basic photo editing software maybe do something fun like getting the google street view of the property and posting up your address with the picture. That might come out something like this.

Property Picture

If you are really good with photos, making an invite for a housewarming party or some other theme of your choosing will definitely get attention. Just remember the more effort you put in here, the better your results. It shows that you want to put in work for the cause. I don't have an example here, but the sky is the limit.  Be creative, have a theme, whatever you want.

So why all this work to get to be an Uplander? Well, this is a blockchain game, and if you aren't familiar with blockchain I will just let you know that it adds in one small wrinkle. Being on blockchain means when you become an Uplander you own the properties you bought and have your own blockchain address on the EOS blockchain. These blockchain addresses have to be generated and once a property is assigned to an address, it's there forever. The team didn't want endless properties being stuck in limbo as people come in, buy one property and then decide to leave the game. So, the visitor role is a way to give people a chance to try it out and if it's not for them leave the game. After a fair period of completely inactive time the properties are returned back to the game and the visitor account is dissolved. Without this mechanism there would be thousands of lost properties trapped.

This is also why you cannot interact with the marketplace right away. This would exacerbate that condition and cause even more properties to be stuck in limbo. The visitor properties and actions in the game interact with the blockchain a little differently than those of Uplander that have their permanent EOS address. This has to do with signing transactions on chain and is really a whole other conversation for another day.

So assuming you made it through all the above, you are an Uplander, what now? Well, this is where the game becomes your own, do what you like. I don't want to get into this exhaustively, that's a whole other article I may write some time. That said, one good way to make some UPX is to flip properties. Find something cheap that you are willing to part with and list it for sale for a profit. It may not sell right away, but it might. Also head back to the discord server and post up in the trade channel. Mention you are a new Uplander and trying to put together a bankroll. One of the other players may help out by buying your property. Here a little effort goes a long way as well. Posting up an elaborate for sale sign may get you a better price. Veteran Uplanders love to see that you put in some work.

Good luck, welcome to Upland, and have fun!

I hope you find my posts informative, helpful, or amusing.  Whatever the case thanks for your time.

Please comment with your thoughts.


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