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After a tour of the stunning views from the Potrero Hill neighborhood I got the chance to sit down with MXZTPLK for a talk about The Daily Uplander.  The is one of the premier data sources for Upland and I couldn't wait to here more about what makes the data world go 'round.

So, MXZTPLK, everyone has got to did you get your block explorer name?

It's based on a Superman character called MXYZPTLK.

Oh wow, that's fascinating.  Lemme just pull up a quick Wiki on that....oh cool, a little trickster I see.  You know you have been known to pull a few tricky moves in Upland as well.  I think that name suits you well.  So how would you describe The Daily Uplander to our readers?

Tools and Data for Uplanders

You are too modest, it really is a remarkable site with lots on there.  I dare say I do use it daily.  So how did you come to settle on this business to help other Uplanders?

Once I learned that there was an API with property data, and a few people had been personally benefiting from it, I felt this was extremely unfair. I decided to learn how to use the API myself and provide an easier access to all players, so we could get a more levelled play field. I teamed up with a couple of players and started Daily Uplander.


That is amazingly generous of you.  I really do appreciate and support the idea of using data to give everyone the ability to accel.  There are some players that are not nearly as open with those things, so it speak volumes that you are trying to help. So, where should your adoring fans make a pit stop to come check out The Daily Uplander offices?  

232 Drumm St. (San Francisco)

You all heard it.  Drop in on this good fella for a visit.  So what do you offer that your competitors might not?

Our new "Where the Hell is my Send?" tool. And I think nobody is offering Collection Searches, and Full City searches yet.

Those are some great tools.  That send finder is really genius.  So what type of development do you think you will do with your property in Upland?

No idea yet. I am waiting to see the possibilities. I think we all have our own vision of how Upland is going to look like, but I don't think I have enough information yet to make any development decisions.

I can't wait for more details either.  It's going to be a really interesting time coming up with the release of the sandbox next month and spark.  So do you see any chance of expanding to other locations?

Yes, we have an HQ in each city where players can Visit to show their support, and we will likely be offering more services once the game provides us those tools.

 Amazing!  I would love to access this information in the game.  So, do you have any kind of tag line, or moto?

Not really, but now I want to have one.

Well I am glad I could provide some inspiration!  I can't wait to see what you come up with.  So to finish up, tell us all the web address to get to The Daily Uplander to make us all Upland superstars!

That's great, I really hope people get out there and use the site.  So, is there anything else you wanted to say?

Thank you for your support!

That's very kind of you, but really it should be you that we thank.  You are putting in a lot of work to bring data to the community for free.  It's awesome, please keep it up.

If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to join up and get a 50% bonus on your first purchase.

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