Short-Term Investment Tactics for Upland

My first and most recent articles really drove home the importance of patience and holding onto things in the long term. I stick by those arguments for smart, stable investments, however Upland is still a game and having some fun will keep you enjoying it so no one will fault you for wanting to use some UPX on short term risks for profit. Here is how you can start finding those properties that are meant to be flipped.

Join all of the Discord channels you can

Discord and Upland go hand in hand. If you’re serious about making it anywhere in Upland you will need to join as many discord servers as possible, luckily for you, I have links for all of the Discord servers I am in, these servers are filled with people who want to help and most importantly, people who want to sell their properties. 

Upland Official Discord

Upland Fans

Upland Comics and Metaverse Media

Upland Nights

Premium Discord

This one will either require a little fiat investment or at least one of your included Nitro boosts, but the Upland Fans discord has a premium option for Nitro boosters and Patreon supporters that has access to channels like #new-listings-under-mint which show you every property that goes up for sale under the minting price paid for it. This advantage is huge especially if you turn on notifications for the channel. 

Use sites like UPX World

UPX World is an amazing site, it shows you so much info on neighborhoods and the owners of each property. This website will help you find the people you should know and the properties you should invest in.

Short-term patience 

I know, I know I was JUST talking about how this article wasn’t going to be about patience, but hear me out. You can buy a property under mint from someone looking to make a quick buck for whatever reason and then just sell it for mint to make a modest profit if you promote it the right way. If you really get lucky you can buy it under mint and sell it under mint for a very quick profit. 

I love to help the community and that’s why I write these articles, but there’s always more ways to invest in Upland. How do you like to utilize your UPX in Upland? Comment below.


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    1. Mint is basically just the price of a property before it is owned by anyone AKA unminted

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