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Upland Uncovered is wildly excited to welcome another contributing member, JadenFromDairy.  We look forward to additional new and exciting perspectives from our newest writer.  This adds to the recent news of adding a NY correspondent TDavis.  We were lucky enough to start out November with a whirlwind of content as both writers published their first pieces in Upland Uncovered.  Make sure to stop by and give them a read.

TDavis has given our readers some insight into what the NYC opening will mean for them and given some tips on travel and which NYC neighborhoods to look out for.  Head on over and read The Big NYC Opening by TDavis and book your flight to the east coast.

JadenFromDairy has taken a hard hitting look at the future of San Francisco with an excellent piece on the neighborhoods you want to watch in San Francisco.  Read the very thoughtful piece The Four Best Upland San Francisco Neighborhoods and don't be surprised when you see there is a lot of competition for them.

At Upland Uncovered we are always looking for new and creative perspectives.  If you want to be a contributing writer reach out to Recourier and we will get you set up.  We are looking for someone to be a go to Fresno correspondent, and also are looking for fresh views on all things Upland and the Metaverse.  

Also check out our Business Listings page to fill all your metaverse business needs.  See our list of services for additional help with promotions or media coverage for your events.  

Upland Uncovered, along with Upland Comics, is now organized under the label Metaverse Media.  Metaverse media collects all the Metaverse projects under a common umbrella.  This will include the crypto centric blog Crypto Uncovered where you have seen some Wax articles in the past.  It will also include Upland Comics & Collectibles both the Upland Galleries as well as the Upland Comics Design Group which designs and issues NFTs.  To collection all these services into a single place the Upland Comics & Metaverse Media Discord Server is launching publicly today.  This will serve as the main location to talk with, or inquire about becoming, one of the many talented people from the Metaverse Media family.  We also recently acquired the web address https://metaverse-media.com/.  This web address currently redirects to the Recourier Crypto blog , but in the future it will be the landing page which will collect all the various recouriercrypto and metaverse media projects. 

We are very excited to grow our world and start to construct in the Upland space.  With the spark AMA and business development right around the corner we see 2020 ending with a ton of excitement for Upland and we are glad to be a part of that excitement.

If you aren’t already a member of the Upland community use this link to join up and get a 50% bonus on your first purchase.

If you are interested in getting your event, business or neighborhood featured in Upland Uncovered, please leave a comment or reach out to recourier on discord, telegram, or any of the other platforms listed below.


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